Crowdfunding $18k with no experience or fanbase - a film crowdfunding guide for revolutionaries: Part 1

I have a special treat for you over the next few weeks. Justina Grayman raised $18k for her short dance film project. Not only has she mastered crowdfunding she has also worked out how she did so well and written about it so you can do it too! But, enough of me talking. Justina can tell you all about it herself.

This, my money journal, is a reflection on my successes & failures to make money doing what I actually love. I want to share it with you cuz… I bet you’re on this journey too. In the first series of my money journal I’m sharing my first big success as an artist. At the end of 2016, I was listening to my boyfriend’s song, Black Man in America, when a vision for a dance film struck me. Five Black men seated at a white table with guns. Don’t worry. It is nuanced. By January 2017, I was storyboarding. By June, my boyfriend was on board. We determined we needed $16,000 to bring it to life and we launched our film crowdfunding campaign with no fan base and no real fundraising experience. On August 6th, we filmed. I was freaking out. I had opened a credit card just for this project, was $4,000 in debt and owed our cast and crew $7,000 more. I was all in. By August 20th, 400 backers had given a total of $18,000 for Black Man in America to come to life, exceeding our goal. Look how happy we were when we met our goal (IG post below)! In the next five blog posts in my money journal, I’m going to share how we did it, because – imagine what you could do with $ 5K, $10K, $20K to bring your visions to life. It’s our tiiiiiiiiime. (Shine bright, shine far…)

To read more about the first step in Justina's crowdfunding success tune in again next week. If you want it all and want it now you can watch Justina's course on Udemy here.

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This blog post was first published by Justina on her website.