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At Follow Magazine we're dedicated to inspiring and equipping independent creatives to find an audience online. Learn how to market and promote your artistic work. Learn how to succeed from artists who have done it.

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Origin story

I'm Nathan March, the founder of Follow Magazine. Welcome! I'm an award winning independent filmmaker operating in the vibrant indie film scene in Adelaide, Australia.

I know as well as anyone how difficult it can be to build a sustainable career as an independent art creator. Recently, I started a film company with three other filmmakers, Quadro Collective, and I believe that movies are made to be seen. 

Follow Magazine grew out of my search for knowledge about how to build an audience online. I realised that this was a problem facing every independent art creator: how do I build and grow an audience for my art online? This magazine is my channel for distributing the wisdom of those in the know: artists who have navigated the waters of online artistic promotion and achieved success.

You can find an audience for your work. Follow Magazine can show you how.


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