Boost your engagement with Hootsuite

Have you ever noticed some people seem to be on social media all the time? Like, really, all the time! Chances are good that they use Hootsuite to schedule posts.

I've been using Hootsuite for about six months and it is really working for me. I manage two company profiles across a range of social media platforms, as well as dropping in on my personal profiles every now and then. I've connected Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to Hootsuite and it can also accommodate Google+, LinkedIn, Wordpress, and Youtube.

Hootsuite have a handy dashboard that is editable so that I can decide what profiles, message boards and news feeds I want to have easy access to. If you're familiar with Tweetdeck, you'll see that Hootsuite has a very similar interface.

The two functions that I use most often are the content suggestions for Twitter and Facebook and the bulk posting for Twitter. Once every two weeks or so I will sit down and develop a Twitter marketing campaign for the magazine that includes quotes, shout-outs, and slogans. I'll enter about one hundred tweets into a spreadsheet on Google Sheets and then enter the dates and times that I want them posted. A separate column includes the URLs. I export all of this as a CSV file and then upload it to Hootsuite. I always make half a dozen mistakes in the first draft and need to fix any problems before the uploader will accept my file. 


Once it's done, the posts will just go out automatically and I can focus on responding to comments and engaging with people that reach out to me. 

The downside of the bulk post is that it doesn't take images. The URLs that I include will automatically source an image but it's not as pretty as a Twitter card or a Canva creation. Once the posts are scheduled you can go back and edit each one to add an image but I haven't made the time to do that yet and it seems to undermine the efficiency of the bulk post. 

My only other complaint with Hootsuite is that I haven't got it to post to Instagram yet. I'd love to schedule posts to Instagram but I seem to be having trouble. One of these days I'll put aside the time to troubleshoot and reach out to the (very helpful) Hootsuite service desk but until then I'm stuck with real-time Instagram posts.

I highly recommend giving Hootsuite a try if you want to pick up the pace of your social media posting.