Beautiful in real life

Follow Magazine is all about how you connect with your audience. Usually we talk about how to do that in cyberspace. This post is all about looking beautiful in real life.

I recently got some flyers and business cards printed. Take a look...


Business cards are still a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Whether you're talking to your Aunt Mildred about your latest hair-brained artistic flight of fancy (in her eyes) or the manager at the local cafe about playing your music or hanging your artwork, you need something physical to leave with them. 

Your Aunt Mildred will stick it on her fridge and her friends will ask her about it. The local manager will leave it in the ashtray in his car and find it three weeks later at which point he will call you to get your work in his cafe.

When I was looking around for the right printers to use I came across Moo. Let's face it, I'm definitely their target market. Artist? Tick. A sucker for great design? Tick. Live online? Tick.

I bought square flyers and square business cards to match. They stand out from the crowd and stick in people's minds.

The main reason I went with Moo is because of something they call Printfinity. You can print a different image on every card. I used five images in total which allows me to segment and target my marketing with my business cards. If you think Moo might be for you, click through on this link and, if you're a new customer, you get a discount and I get a small commission. Happy times.

The link below is for the EU site. 

If you're in the US try this one...

As always, let me know if you try out this great marketing tool. I'd love to hear what you think about Moo and business cards in general.