Grammarly saves my reputation

This is the first of a series of posts on tools to help you supercharge your arts business. Grammarly is a beefed up spell and grammar check that is super easy to use. You can use it through your browser, install it on your machine or install plug-ins. 

Grammarly is useful for any writing you're doing. I run the entire Follow Magazine text through Grammarly before I publish it. When you're preparing your copy for marketing your amazing creative work make sure that it's all correct with the help of Grammarly.

People don't notice when you get your grammar right but they sure do notice when you get it wrong. As a publisher, I know.

The internet dating platform Zoosk have released research that claims that poor grammar can get in the way of your dating aspirations. 65% of female respondents wouldn't pursue a date if the other party displayed incorrect grammar.

A significant number of the surveyed people believed that bad grammar indicated that the person was uneducated or unintelligent.  

Now, I know you're not looking for romance when you're writing marketing material but you definitely don't want your audience to think that you're uneducated or unintelligent do you?

Hit the link to find out more about Grammarly and how it can save your reputation.

As I've mentioned in the intro to this section of the website, I am an affiliate partner with Grammarly and benefit if you try out their service.

Thanks for your support!