Creative Marketing Collaboration


Creative Marketing Collaboration


Stop following every new marketing idea that drifts through your Facebook feed and get focused. 

This order gives you two one-on-one sessions with Nathan to develop a marketing strategy for your art, music, writing, or film, and work with Nathan to implement your plan.

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You've tried growth hacking and you've tried 'authentic engagement'. Your work is still sitting in your studio, waiting to find the audience that wants to love it.

Across two one-on-one sessions, Nathan will develop a marketing strategy for your work and give you the tools you need to implement it. The artist-entrepreneur is a unique beast with particular needs. You want to be working in your studio, not scrolling through Twitter. You want people to buy your work. You've been told you should use social media but it's getting you down. 

Talk through what you've tried so far with Nathan and together you will develop a strategy that makes sense for you and your creative practice.

Purchase this service monthly to see your creative business turn the corner. The fee covers two sessions per month. No commitment. No contracts. As long as it's working for you Nathan is available to walk the marketing road side by side with you. 

If you have any questions about how it works, please drop me a line., +61 (0) 420 927 836