All That We Lack by War Waves: Music review

All That We Lack is everything that Follow Magazine loves to celebrate: indie artists getting out there and getting it done.

With an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, fuelled by 90s influenced guitars and lyrics referencing loss, late night TV and waiting for people to die, War Waves have crafted a self-assured album full of stories and hook-laden tunes.

The melodic single Horses evokes all of those moments in love that we have failed to live up to our own high expectations. Listen out for the bridge for a driving appeal that epitomizes the wistful tone of the whole album.

Songs like Bedding, One and With Hands The Size Of Giants speak to resilience and the isolation of the writer.

The post-modern, anthem The Parade must be blistering live with forceful guitars and compelling words. Turn it up loud.

The final imploring Let Us All In taps into a world of hedonism and hate.

If this album was a bottle of wine I’d say crack it with a bloody, bloody steak and fries. Settle in.

War Waves: All That We Lack is released around the world on October 7, 2016. Available on all major online retailers.

Bandcamp is a great place to start exploring War Waves' music.