Editorial Issue 02

The holidays are over and we’re accelerating into the New Year. How is it shaping up for you?


This is going to be a big year for this humble publication as we expand the platform to give you more tools and inspiration for marketing your art. So many plans and so little time.


Following on from the interviews and articles in Issue 01, this issue has great stuff from an amazing line up of artists. Did you know there are poets that work full time? Meet Joel McKerrow. Pennie Wilcox from Hummingpea is kicking goals on Instagram and AAA+ has decided the best way to connect with his audience is by not telling them anything about himself.


A theme that’s emerged from the interviews is the idea that you need to work on your product first, get good at what you do before you take it to the audience.


Authenticity has also jumped out at me from these artists. As I learn more about marketing I have contact with content marketers. This is a well defined but growing region of the Internet where people sell you hopes and dreams. Art marketing borrows much from the principles of content marketing but I think creative impulse and authenticity set artists apart.


Read on to find out how Pennie Wilcox has mastered Instagram, discover from Joel McKerrow where performance poets hang out online, and, hear how AAA+ got a quarter of a million plays on Soundcloud.


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Until next month



Editorial Issue 01

This is it. This is the first issue of Follow Magazine.


You might have found us on Twitter or Instagram. You might have seen one of our sponsored ads in the usual indie creator haunts. Maybe you were just cruising through the Newsstand and Alex Ferrari’s crazy face jumped out at you. Hopefully a friend suggested that you should pick up a copy.


Wherever you found us it’s great to see you.


Follow Magazine is a place to celebrate and a place to learn. It’s a place for independent creators to feel at home and be inspired. We’ll explore ideas and tools to take your art to a new audience.


My name is Nathan. I’m the founder and owner of this exciting new tome. I’ve created this magazine because I want the same thing that you do. I’m a filmmaker and I want to bring my films to a new audience and have a sustainable career. I’ve tried having a day job, I’ve tried freelancing in related areas and I’ve tried starting my own film company.


I’m chasing forty years old and it’s time I made this art thing work for me. I have a life outside art. I have rent to pay and a family to take on the adventure. Through publishing a magazine I’m able to interview people who are already out there connecting with their people. I learn, you learn, it all works beautifully.


The good news is we’re in an age where we can connect directly with our audience and there is a swagload of tools available to facilitate that. The job of Follow Magazine is to give you a way forward and impassion you to take the next step.


Thanks for joining