Filmmaker interview with Marcus Mizelle

Actor For Hire

Writer/director - Marcus Mizelle

producers - Gillian Longnecker, Dustin Taylor, Marcus Mizelle

Marcus Mizelle is a filmmaker with a great depth of experience who is based in LA. He has directed a heap of music videos and short films and is currently in pre-production on his second feature film.

Marcus recently released his first feature film, Actor For Hire. It has received great press and amazing audience engagement. To find out how you can see it go to


Social media is a key part of the marketing strategy for Actor For Hire. The production team has negotiated to partner with people who already have a large following to increase exposure to those networks. Marcus has also developed a website and hired a PR company to manage press engagement. Marcus has identified his niche audience and is targeting a grass roots campaign at high traffic areas frequented by aspiring and working actors, including, Backstage Magazine, LA-based Acting Classes, and Casting Offices.

This strategy has paid off with a large following on Facebook and Twitter. Most sales for VOD for the film have been through Amazon.


The team has also made use of targeted ad buys to make sure that their niche audience knows about the film.

Marcus categorizes his marketing philosophy as, “incentivize, incentivize, incentivize.”

His top three tips to help other creative people market their work are –

#1 Know your market

#2 Make an extensive list of how to reach them

#3 Be creative with your outreach!

Follow the links above to find out more about Marcus Mizelle and Actor For Hire. If you're about to release your own film, take a look at this Free Guide to launching your creative product.