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Authentic and organic

Al and JJ Williams are Little Fable, a musical duo based in London. They describe themselves as a little bit Soul… a little bit Folk… a little bit Blues. At the moment they are

Oh, we are always writing and recording so we are developing lots of stuff! Our main focus at the moment, though, is our single 'Hurt Me' and the album it's from, 'Freedom + Other Stories'. Both are available via our website and they are also available for pre-order on iTunes.


To get their stuff in front of the audience that’s going to love it they promote their work on social media…

Absolutely! We never stop to be honest, to the point we are probably becoming quite annoying! Hah! We are on Twitter @LittleFableDuo and Facebook: LittleFableMusic mostly. We also have our stuff on Soundcloud.


Twitter is where it’s all happening for Little Fable…

An audience is a tough thing to build but I'd say we are most active and interactive on Twitter. We do our best to keep in touch with everyone and we have run a couple of promo things on there, too--given people the chance to grab our album for free etc.


But as many artists discover you don’t just flick out a tweet and then your album starts walking out the door. I asked Al and JJ where they make most of their sales…

We have always found our greatest sales come from a more personal realm; directly from our website. We are still in the early stages, so that could change, but so far I'd definitely say our website is bringing in the best results and keeping people updated on social media.


We’re all looking for that magic tactic for converting followers to customers right?

We are both very traditional when it comes to being artists. We treat fans as people; we tend to keep them close and use as few "tactics" as possible. We have given people a piece of the real us within our songs and I think that shines through. Being real, being true to ourselves and our followers; that is what works for us. We are just honest and do what we can to let our artistic side balance well with our human side!


It’s tempting sometimes to just look at the numbers – how many followers, what’s the conversion rate, what’s the price per click etc…

We treat the fans and followers as they deserve to be treated--as people... that is what they are. We are unlike other people in the business in the sense that we tend to stay away from tools and gadgets and just do what we do best and that is to just be a couple of creative people who write and record music and want people to hear it. We do what we can to promote and just hope people love it enough to share it!


Little Fable don’t use any apps to help with their marketing…

The only tools we use in that respect are what social media sites like Twitter and Facebook offer already: the scheduling system. Other than that we are very organic! We reply as ourselves and tend not to use robots and other non-human entities! If one of our followers gets a reply, they can sleep soundly knowing it was one of us!


Well that’s a relief! And their top 3 tips for helping other creative people promote their work?

#1. Above all else, always be real. Never put on a show unless it's beneficial to you, your music, and your followers. Not enough people are true to themselves and that's always a dangerous game.

#2. Stay consistent. You can't offer people something and then just vanish for a month. Stay in the picture.

#3. Keep your audience interested and intrigued in you as an artist and your presence. There is no harm in being different!

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