Best Documentary Film Festival releases program

The “Best Documentary Film Festival of 2018 – Film Daily” the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival hits the screens in July. With 50 feature films, 62 shorts/web series/video essays and 59 Australia premieres this is THE local film festival to put on your calendar.

The Follow Magazine blog is covering the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival so look out for reviews and interviews over the next six weeks.

Our Follow Magazine Top 5 films to get to in this festival are…

#1 - Sharkwater Extinction - a poignant and confronting environmental documentary. The follow up to the hugely popular Sharkwater.

Sharkwater Extinction by Rob Stewart

Sharkwater Extinction by Rob Stewart

#2 - Saving Warru - a story of hope and connection with country in an age of uncertainty. Go on a trip to the Australian outback with a team of passionate environmentalists.

#3 - Trust Machine: The Story of Bitcoin – baffled by blockchain? Let Alex Winter reveal the power and paradox of a technology that has the potential to put the internet back into the hands of the people.

Trust Machine by Alex Winter

Trust Machine by Alex Winter

#4 - Woodstock at Fifty – this is where it all started. Woodstock wasn’t just the first music festival of its kind; it was a touchstone for an entire generation and has left an unrivalled cultural legacy.

#5 - Forged From Fire - commemorate the 10th anniversary of Black Saturday with this feature documentary about the community that came together to build a memorial to the tragic Black Saturday bushfires. The screening will raise money for the Victorian Volunteer Firefighters.

Over the last three years that Follow Magazine has been covering the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival we’ve been moved, inspired, and illuminated by dozens of documentaries from around the world.

This is a unique chance to be among the first audiences to see films that will go on to become blockbusters. Some of the films screening at this year’s festival have been directed, narrated, starred in, produced or distributed by stars such as; Cate Blanchett, Peter Medak, Nicolas Cage, Werner Herzog, Francis Ford Coppola, Alex Winter, Alicia Vikander, and KISS.

Alternatively, you might decide to leave the big name films behind to be part of a select group discovering indie gems. Take a look at the next crop of documentary filmmakers in the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival’s short competition which will see the best film schools in Australia – AFTRS, Monash, SAE and VCA go head-to-head. The festival also has specialised short sessions on Aboriginal, LGBTIQ, and Music.

Full details of the program can be found on the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival website.