Excoriating Critique: Half Decent releases a new EP

Half Decent has taken his unique hip-hop sound to the next level with his latest release, Something For The Fearless. Music flows through his blood and it's this intimate connection that makes Half Decent so potent.

The first single from his new EP is Save Our Culture. It's an impassioned call to celebrate and protect the live music scene and an excoriating critique of vacuous online relationships.

Something For The Fearless EP by Half Decent.jpg

This exuberant, slickly produced single is backed up with a collection of powerful tracks with a strong point of view. Stand out songs include I Got A Lot To Say featuring soaring strings and the call of a lament to set the scene for the highly personal and vulnerable lyrics.

The driving bpm of I Don't Care feat. Tiger Mendoza is Half Decent's call to arm yourself with creativity and take your future in your hands. Whether he's singing to himself or a generation it's an upbeat appeal to a better way.

Something For The Fearless by Half Decent is out now across all the platforms. You can purchase it directly from his website or find out more via the socials: SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook.