Adelaide brick and mortar favourite, ceramicist Sunshine March, launches work online

If you frequent Adelaide's art and craft scene you would be familiar with Sunshine March's quirky combination of printmaking and ceramics. She works out of Fly Bird Fly Studio in Adelaide's CBD.

Sunshine has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions consistently since her days as an emerging artist, receiving 'people's choice' laurels in the Prospect Portrait Prize 2012 and a 'highly commended' nod in the Heysen Prize 2009. 

Most recently Sunshine's work can be found in the gift shop at the Art Gallery of SA and at Urban Cow Studio. Her world is about to expand as she moves some of her work online. Sunshine answered a few questions for me about how she's promoting her work.

What genre do you work in and why are you passionate about your work?

I work in functional ceramics, including jewellery. I'm passionate about functional and wearable art because I like the idea of art being incorporated into the everyday, not only displayed in a gallery space. I also work in community engagement with the arts because art is for everyone!

Ceramic earrings by Sunshine March artist.JPG

What work are you promoting at the moment?

I'm focussing on the jewellery side of my practice at the moment - stocking up an Etsy shop to bring my ceramic pendants, earrings and brooches to a wider audience. I'm also playing with one-off homeware items like funnels, coffee pourers and travel cups.


What is unique about the work that sets you apart from other creatives working in your field?

My work combines printmaking, drawing, and ceramics. I colour, add texture, draw on and smooth surfaces to create individual art pieces that reflect concepts such as community, loss, home, and joy.

Domesticity by Sunshine March artist

Do you promote your work on social media? What platforms are you on?

Of course! I'm on Instagram and Facebook.


How have you grown your social media audience?

On IG, hashtags connect to a wider audience and help me find other creatives and them find me. Interacting meaningfully with other IG users creates more activity. Facebook has users not yet on IG and allows for a bit more conversation and groups, etc, which help with connecting more people to your work.


What's the best time for social media engagement for you?

I find that there's a good response from Australia if you post just before school pick up time.


Where do you make the most sales?

Presently, most of my work is sold IRL through retail outlets and the occasional market. I'm in the process of building up online.

Bright Nest pendants by Sunshine March artist

Do you have any techniques to convert followers into customers?

Still working on that one! Following up when people express interest or enquire about buying is obviously really important but can often be overlooked.


Do you have a marketing philosophy?

Make it beautiful to use and easy to buy (I just made that up then but I think it's a good one!).

Nature inspired Nest pendants by Sunshine March artist

Do you use any tools or apps to help you market your work online?

Canva, Layout, Repost, Typorama


What are your top 3 tips to help other creative people learning to market their work?

Believe in yourself

Believe in your work

Understand price points and what they say about your work and it's quality whilst still being accessible

Sunshine's work can be found on her Etsy store. Alternatively, for all things Sunshine, take a look at her website.