Creative People Have to Change With Technology: Interview with Robert A Falls

Artist Interview: Filmmaker and Graphic Artist, Robert A Falls

Rob Allan Falls is a filmmaker, writer, and visual artist based in New York City.

What are you working on at the moment, Robert?

I’ve just finished my 2nd digital feature movie called Fanatikal. It's making a film festival run and after that's over then it'll be available in DVD, Blu Ray, and available on streaming. I don't have the store set up yet so keep checking for new developments. There will also be a screening for the public in New York City.

fanatikal black red-min.jpg


What is unique about your work that sets you apart from other creatives working in your field?

Being myself and being comfortable that my own voice is good enough.


Do you promote your work on social media? What platforms are you on?

Yep on Twitter, Facebook, and on YouTube. I actually am also on Instagram.  You can view the trailer for Fanatikal on YouTube. [or take a look right here]

On which platform do you have the largest audience?

I believe on Twitter I have almost 600 followers and some are well known.


How have you grown your social media audience?

I only post when I feel the impulse to post new movie photos, comic art. I use hashtags especially now for everything related to new work. I'm in some movie groups and comic groups on Facebook and talk to friends through Twitter chats.


How do you use hashtags to grow your audience?

The hashtags that work best are very specific. It’s good to properly use hashtags for each area you want people to see. I hashtag my name, the movie's name, the location, and the subject matter, #goths for example which are in my movie.

Goths in Fanatikal indie movie

Do you pay for advertising either online or in other media?

I did once on Facebook and will be doing again as I'm trying to always gain new fans/followers.


Do you have a marketing philosophy?

I always treat potential customers like people that have value and try to get across in a friendly, enthusiastic way what I'm working on - being film and art.


Why do you think people follow your blog and connect with you on the socials?

If the specific project I'm working on is something they would be interested in knowing much more about then they follow my journey, my developments and become involved with something they could say they had a hand in creating.

Comic book based on indie film Fanatikal


How do you move people from following you on social media to actually getting involved in a project?

Very soon I’ll be on Indie Go Go, Kickstarter and/or Patreon to help fund my screenings and one week runs. I’ll have different swag I'll be selling such as movie posters, the upcoming comic book/graphic novel of the movie, t-shirts, buttons, etc.


Do you use any tools or apps to help you market your work online?

At the moment no, but I will as things are always changing and creative people have to change with technology it seems.


What are your top 3 tips to help other creative people learning to market their work?

I would say try to use Facebook/Twitter/YouTube.

Use your own website to write your weekly blog as I do on cinematic comics to help promote my movie.

Also use Kickstarter, Indie Go Go, and Patreon to show a clip or trailer to help fund your own unique project.

Robert can be found on the following platforms, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

You can read his stream-of-consciousness blog here.