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Artist interview: Filmmaker and writer Paul Graziadei

“I ask viewers to subscribe at the end of my videos”.

Could it be as simple as that? Paul Graziadei is a filmmaker and writer from Utica NY. His work has a focus on “following an emotion”.


What genre do you work in, Paul?

Hard to narrow it down to one genre; maybe psychological drama, but I also enjoy comedy and horror. I am passionate about creating work that is a catalyst for thought to others. I focus on our basic human emotions and try to explore the vast places we take them.

Paul Graziadei is a filmmaker and writer

What’s going on in your world right now?

I recently entered my short film "The Cemetery Siren Project" in a couple film festivals and am anxiously awaiting their decisions. I have also started my third short, which is titled "The Argument". My daughter is co-starring with me in the film and I feel very lucky to be creating with her.


Can you give us an idea of what your work is like? What do other people say about it?

My work has been described as "intense and in your face," and I would say that's fairly accurate. I keep emotions front and center in all my work, creating stories that follow an emotion more than details.


This meant to be an interview about marketing so I’d better ask about how you market your filmmaking and your vlog.

I mainly focus on Twitter and Facebook. I am trying to create a presence on Snapchat and Instagram. I have had the most success on Twitter. Both in the amount of followers I have and in being embraced by the community.


What’s been the biggest factor in growing your audience?

I think some of my biggest growth has occurred by supporting and plugging others. I try to keep a well-rounded presence and provide my audience with news on topics in the industry that I think they would find interesting.

Do you have any tips for people using social media for connecting with their tribe?

Be supportive to others. Interacting on social media makes it a much more positive experience than just reading. Also, by supporting others you are using the law of compensation and some of that support is bound to come back to you. Be consistent in your timing and message. Be relentless. Piggy-back on the social media of the major players in your community. Don't ask people to look at your work, tell them what's great about it and leave at that.


Have you explored using paid ads for audience growth?

I have in the past but I have concluded that organic interaction is what you really need for true growth.

Poetry on screen by Paul Graziadei

Is sales a thing for you? Is it something you’re after and, if so, where do you make most of your sales?

I utilize YouTube and Patreon. I have had more sign ups on YouTube by far, still trying to figure out how to get Patreon growing.


How have you landed those sign-ups?

I ask viewers to subscribe at the end of my videos. I strive to provide original creative content. This is my main marketing strategy. Outside of that, I go back to the whole "supporting others" philosophy.

Paul's YouTube channel is where it's all at for him. Take a look here. Show him some love by subscribing and commenting :)

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