Go for a wild ride!

Artist interview: musician, film producer and TV Talk Show host, Keldamuzik. 

How do you express yourself creatively?

Urban/Pop Music and producing indie films and hosting a TV Talk show. I'm passionate about what I do because it gives me a thrill. I've tried to work in other industries but it just didn't do anything for me. Being in the entertainment industry it's like you go for a wild ride.


Where can people see your work?

I currently have a film that I produced which is available on Amazon. Its called "Love The Original Way". I also have a music video available, "Queen For A Night" . My TV show "Diva Talk Tonite" can be watched here.

What values do you bring to your work that set it apart from other creatives working in your area?

My work is very thorough and well thought out. From music, to film and TV shows I make sure that I cater my content to my demographics. Diva Talk is an entertainment variety talk show where I interview guests and also have comedy skits. I think it's entertaining for people and really sets an example of what TV is today.


What social media platforms do you promote your work through?




Keldamuzik in "Love The Original Way" indie film and indie music

On which platform do you have the largest audience?

I normally use Facebook, it's a pretty good tool to keep your fans updated on everything that you're doing and using facebook live button is the best! My fans know I use the live button like crazy lol.


How have you grown your social media audience?

Hashtags are good to use and also posting at the right time is usually when you can get the most likes and views.


What do you use to supercharge your social media promo?

Using facebook live is great as well as creating a facebook fan page too so that you can keep in touch with fans on both pages. If you use hashtags, try to use the ones that already exist instead of using your own, that way other people following the trend will join in.

Keldamuzik hosts Diva Talk indie TV talk show on youtube


It can be tough staying on top of all the great connections you make through Facebook and other social media. Do you have a technique for organizing all of that?

Yes, keep a sheet of contacts and always keep an email list going weekly. You want to update your fans on everything that you're doing, that's how new opportunities arise.


And how do you make the most out of those opportunities?

Just be personable with each customer and reach out to everyone individually who shows you attention.


Do you have any final thoughts for creatives who are building an audience?

Keep posting on various sites, check the updates daily to see who's watching.


Keldamuzik has so much going on! You can stay in touch with it all via her website.

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