Playfulness and Genuine Care

Artist Interview: William Jeon, actor

William Jeon is an actor, athlete, pharmacist, and improv comedian. He began his acting career with very little knowledge of the industry and little support from those closest to him, many of whom disapproved of film as an occupational choice. Not one to be swayed, William dove head-first into perfecting his craft, beginning with the Meisner technique. He surrounded himself with classes ranging from scene study and camera technique to improv, and began to win scenes in commercials and short films throughout the Los Angeles area. His dream? To star in a romantic comedy.

 I first came across William through talking to Jen Finelli at I’m Having An Affair With My Wife. You can find my interview with Jen here and in my book here. I started by asking why William is passionate about his work?

I am an actor and I’m passionate about it because when I am performing, as strange as it might sound, I feel free and the most like myself. I have been cast as one of the leads in my first feature length romcom movie. It's called "I'm Having an Affair with My Wife".

I'm having an affair with my wife indie movie

Do you consider that you have a Unique Selling Point? What is it that sets you apart from other actors?

Everyone is unique in their own way. No two people are ever alike. That’s why each person is special but I bring a sense of playfulness and genuine care to my art.


If you’ve spent any time in the Follow Magazine world, you’ll know that I’m all about the opportunity that social media provides to creatives to connect with their audience. This is as true for actors as it is for any other creative person. I asked William about his social media presence.

I am not that great with social media and I’m trying to learn to be better. I am most active on my Instagram. Follow me @thewilljeon! I probably have the largest audience on Instagram. To be honest I need to be more active and follow others and stay engaged with other followers and hashtag better, lol.

William Jeon actor in I'm Having an Affair With My Wife


Do you have any tips for using Instagram?

Use hashtags about your interests to get the word out and be engaged.


Part of the opportunity with social media is the chance to give followers insight into you as a person. How do you think the story telling aspect of social media helps promote creative work?

If your followers like you, they will like your product I feel like they go hand in hand. Be true to yourself and find people that are like-minded and everything will fall into place.


What are your top 3 tips for using social media to promote your work?

Find others that are creative to work with, know your market and keep on grinding.

Follow William on Instagram and stay in touch with I’m Having An Affair With My Wife via the film’s website.


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