A Sincere Relationship

Artist profile: Miller Blue

Miller Blue is a musician working in Future Soul/Electronic R&B.

I'm passionate about my work simply because I believe music is a universal language that doesn't need to be learned, which I think is special. So, I like using that to talk to and help people, no matter where they're from.


Like any self-respecting creative he has a new project in the pipeline.

I'm currently putting the final touches to my second self-produced EP, Cotton. It's going to be a 6 track EP and will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and most other music platforms within the next few months so I'm super excited for it to be released.


So, Cotton is on its way. What can people listen to right away?

The first single from Cotton, called Pieces, is available now! If you'd like to listen to my first EP, you can just search it up on any of the platforms mentioned above. It's called 'Persistence'.

Pieces cover


To connect with his audience Miller uses...

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/MillerBlueMusic

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MillerBlueMusic

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/_millerblue

Twitter is the platform that I have the most followers on which is around 4000 but in terms of interaction, I'd say Facebook is where I've connected with my audience the most through comments on Facebook videos etc. I think it's a wonderful way to let your fans know what you're up to and makes it easy to directly reply to things they may want to know which is nice. I think keeping a close connection with fans is key. I want everyone who listens to my music to feel like they know me also, not just through my recordings. It makes it a more sincere relationship.

Miller Blue profile

How has Miller Blue grown his social media audience?

Twitter seemed to just snowball, which was surprising. I seemed to gain a lot of followers from people listening to my EP through Soundcloud when it dropped, which was nice as it was the first project I'd ever released and I'd done every aspect of it myself which, in a way, made it even more rewarding.

With Facebook, I tend to post during the busiest time. I guess that's just logical thinking but it's surprising how many more people you're able to reach simply by doing this. People sharing content is another way I've noticed that likes can easily snowball, I think it's simply about uploading good quality content frequently but not too often that people just get annoyed or bored of seeing it. I still need to work on that balance, ha ha!


Miller has also played around with boosting posts on Facebook.

I've used Facebook promotions on posts a couple of times, but I haven't really ever put much money into Facebook marketing. Although it's a wonderful platform I'm still fairly skeptical of putting in larger amounts of money into promotions on there as I'm unsure of how their targeting works and have heard a couple of rumours about where they advertise your posts, so yeah... maybe once it becomes more reliable in terms of the clarity of how they promote you.

Does he sell his music?

I used a third party distributor called Tunecore to release my first EP onto all platforms. I'd suggest this to anyone going down the independent route as it's really not that pricey and you get to keep 100% of your sales which as we all know, compared to record deals is a lot. But my tip is, if you're from the UK like me remember to use the UK site, not the American one as I found out the hard way. It took me multiple emails back and forth to them to set up a form of payment in order to receive any money made from my EP. But I got there in the end


Does Miller have a theory about how to make his marketing and promotion work for him?

Well not specifically, I don't really think about money; it's never my primary concern. To me, if the music's good, the rest will follow as long as you put in hard work and are dedicated. That's all you can do.


Miller Blue's top three marketing tips.

  1. Network where you can both online and physically. It's literally that simple, make connections and relationships with like-minded people, have conversations online, go to networking events. All of these things will naturally help you when marketing your work as you'll have a larger circle of friends to help promote and discuss each others' work.
  2. Try thinking outside the box. Marketing can be expensive, think of cheaper alternatives that will get your product seen by the most amount of people. Even something as simple as stickers can be beneficial.
  3. Don't be afraid to ask for favours from other musicians your friends with. I have a load of people who I've met through my music who I now speak to on a regular basis and they're all aiming for a similar goal, to get their music heard. So just help each other out. I remember once a guy I connected with through Soundcloud loved my music and had 10k followers himself, he was more than open to sharing my EP and that instantly helped me get a few thousand plays on my tracks. Such a simple but effective method.

The cover of Miller's new single says, "Existing casually above the noise, dauntless, unmistakable and mindful, Miller Blue emerges from the smoke and mirrors of contemporary music culture with a perspective so clear and a sound so gently hypnotic, it promises to entice." It doesn't get any better than that now, does it? Find out more here.

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