Artist Interview: Gina Gomez and Scott Dunn

Where were you on election night 2016? Gina Gomez and Scott Dunn are going to scare the answer out of you!

We are Gina Gomez and Scott Dunn. We are filmmakers based in Los Angeles, CA.


What genre do you love working in?

We enjoy all genres, but our current film is a suburban horror comedy. We are passionate about making original work that makes us feel good. We want to make the kind of movies that we would want to watch.


Suburban horror comedy? That’s a well-defined niche. How is the project progressing?

We launched our Kickstarter campaign for our next film, "Weird Folk." It's a suburban horror comedy that takes place on election night 2016. It was recently selected as a "Project We Love" by Kickstarter and "Blue Bloods" actor Nick Turturro recently joined our cast. We are so excited to make it. You can get really cool rewards by pledging here: http://kck.st/2qPPbDk

WEIRD FOLK clown far away.png

How are you inviting people to connect with your concept?

When it comes to Weird Folk, the buzz happens right when you read what it's about. One of our taglines is, "Where were you on election night?" When you think about that question, it's hard not to have a visceral reaction one way or the other. The characters in this movie also navigate through other headline based obstacles that deal with the dark web, clown hysteria, Airbnb nightmares, and much more. It's buzzy to say the least.


So if people want to know more where can they go?

We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @WeirdFolkMovie. Our website is weirdfolkmovie.weebly.com

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 What social media platform is working for you at the moment?

Our largest audience so far is on Twitter. People react instantly there and we have found some great people including Follow Magazine. Would not have found these people if it wasn't for Twitter.


How have you built that large audience on Twitter?

The biggest way to grow your social media is to engage with your followers, share what they are trying to promote and giving them some love. Everyone needs love. Engagement and interaction are crucial to building a real following. That, and posting cool updates about your project. Those cool updates keep people engaged.


Have you found any ways to encourage people to connect with you on more than one platform?

One of the things we added to our Facebook page was the Twitter and Instagram tabs. That way, people can take a look at what we're doing on multiple platforms, while still using Facebook.


Do you have any other tips for creatives using social media to get their work out there?

It's important to use hashtags that are relevant to your project. For us, we use #weirdfolkmovie, #horrormovies, #supportindiefilm, etc. That brings followers who are interested in those topics to your project and who are more likely to stay following you.

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Do you ever pay for advertising online?

We paid for Facebook ads which we found were really beneficial. We also paid a couple sites that are affiliated with indie films to help promote the project. Everything else is through word of mouth and via our growing social networks.


Is crowdfunding working for you?

The first main sales or pledges that we got came from friends, family, and people already in our social network. We are still working on our outreach and we learn something new every day. This is our first time crowdfunding and it's not for the faint of heart. We are using Kickstarter, which is an all or nothing crowdfunding platform. It makes life very scary and exciting at the same time.


What are you doing to help convert your followers into customers?

We're focusing on one question... "Why should you plop down your hard earned money for this project?" Our social media campaign is focused on answering this in different and creative ways. Not only that, we're interacting in person with people and doing the same thing... preaching the gospel of Weird Folk. Our philosophy is find the right audience. Find a way that someone is going to be interested in you and what you have to offer.


Do you use any tools to help you manage your social media?

We currently use Crowdfire to keep track of our stats and see how to interact better with our followers.


What tips do you have to have for filmmakers and other creatives who are currently promoting their work?

  1. Always strive to put your best work out there. People respond to good work. People respond to creativity. "It takes so little to be above average." - (Scott's Mom)
  2. Always follow-up with people. Sometimes people don't respond to the first direct message or email, but they usually respond on the follow-up. (Don't spam people though)
  3. Offer ways to get people to share and promote your work in exchange for promoting theirs. You start to build conversations that way. You never know where it can lead you.

Take your place in #supportindiefilm history by supporting the Weird Folk Kickstarter campaign.

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