Winning fans through direct dialogue

Artist interview: The Static Dial

The Static Dial is a guitar, bass, drums trio based in Detroit, Michigan. Guitarist and vocalist, Bill Gerazounis, answered a few of my questions about his music and how he gets his work ‘out there’.

I founded my project The Static Dial with the thought and intent to make guitar based music that reflects my cultural and musical experiences as a first generation Greek American from Detroit, who grew up on New Wave, Jazz Fusion, and various world music. I’m excited to write in a way that blends all those sounds.


What have they released so far?

We've released an EP, a couple of singles, and a full-length album; and we're soon to release our new 6 track EP; which will also feature some interesting remixes.

Do you promote your work on social media?

Yes, all the time. Mostly first hand, through interaction with various pages and comments, and introducing people to the music through dialogue.


Which platforms do you use and how have you built your audience on those platforms?

We use Twitter and Facebook. I'd say that talking about various topics both music and non-music and give a sense of your all around personality to your followers is what helps them grow. We have a mailing list; and it's grown largely through sign up lists at shows, and through direct dialogue with people involved in music.


Where do you make the most sales?

Though we have our music on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, etc., I think the one on one experience at shows is the most effective. Also, I offer free downloads every so often as a thank you, and a general gift to people that have interacted with the band. The best outlet for breaking down digital sales that I've found is Bandcamp. It’s a great site for the independent artist.

Do you have a marketing philosophy?

I'm very honest about the business side of sales with fans; we survive on their support. We know it's easy to "steal" music these days, or stream for free; but we want to build a community, and that involves spreading the word, and putting some donation towards the music you believe is doing something cutting-edge, sincere, and exciting.


Do you use any tools or apps to help you market your work online?

I've tried it. I think too much pre-planning ends up turning interaction too much into a "science" and not enough into a real relationship with potential fans. If I feel like posting, I do. If it feels too much like a "job", I don't. You have to put yourself out there, for sure but I treat interactions as a personal note to someone that feels the music and gets where it's coming from; or potentially will be that kind of a fan.

What are your top 3 tips to help other creative people learning to market their work?

1.) Don't do what everybody else does.

2.) Think about what you would respond to.

3.) Use visuals to promote, a cool promo picture, a video, a live stream at rehearsal that has a sit down where you talk to fans and potential fans, things like that.

The Static Dial has built a strong following on both Twitter and Facebook. To get involved, hit that follow button. To find their music take a look at

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