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Artist interview: Christina Barsi

Christina Barsi is based in Los Angeles. Her friends call her Barsi. We’ll call her Barsi ;) 
Barsi writes and produces films. 

As a writer, I like to tell stories that are inspired by real experiences but are twisted into suspended senses of reality like science fiction, psychological thrillers, fantasy, and noir. 

And what sort of films does she make?

As a filmmaker, I like to tell these stories. Sometimes they may be a documentary about this very process, like in the case of my short documentary Is Anyone Listening - A Podcast Story, which is the making of the podcast series I created and produced called Dimension. And that genre we are calling Sci-Noir.

Barsi sci-fi

Hang on a minute, you didn’t mention you’re a podcast producer too!

In the future, I would like to produce more documentaries about stories untold in unique ways, as well as more of my own twisty reality bendy content. 

What drives Barsi to continue to create work in this genre?

I'm passionate about my work because I want to create new & exciting perspectives available to artists & viewers of minorities and women, in particular. I started writing passionately because I wasn't finding what I was looking for in terms of work that was inspiring, that I wanted to be a part of. The frustration grew into a solution and, finally, I had a playing ground that wasn't only fun and exciting, that wasn't only new and unique, it was mine.


What sort of success is Barsi finding with her work?

The short documentary I produced “Is Anyone Listening- A Podcast Story” just got accepted into the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Fest for its World Premiere! We’re very excited to bring our project to the fans in the UK. It’s almost a two-pronged campaign because the film is about the sci-noir podcast I created DIMENSION. So knowing about the audio drama is a great place to start before seeing the film. 


Okay, where can we find the podcast?

Here: www.dimensionpodcast.com or more directly here: www.dimension.libsyn.com. 

Dimension podcast

The Sci-Fi London Film Festival is nearly upon us, is the team ready?

Because this is our first festival and because it is in London, we have a lot to still prepare, like creating the trailer, the poster, final film edits and of course, getting to the UK (we live in LA). For that reason, we have an Indiegogo campaign to help us be able to screen the film at this festival and future festivals: https://igg.me/at/IsAnyoneListening. Mostly, we just want to inspire other creatives and pave the way for others to dare to dream and to take creative action in realizing those dreams and of course, hoping we make a few DIMENSION fans along the way. 


What is unique about Barsi’s work that sets her apart from other creatives working in the field?

Our project is really unique in that most people are doing web series or something more visual to create their story but we chose to start with a podcast. The very medium itself speaks to the noir aspect of the genre elements within the story of DIMENSION and the science fiction aspect can also be considered a nod to the era when radio show narratives were popular before TV. It was a time when science fiction was really taking off. Then we have the film showcasing all of this to satisfy the visual palate. From there I'm pushing for it to become a TV series. Which our project would then somewhat parallel the evolution of media and storytelling, and I think that's pretty cool. 


Now that’s meta! I assume Dimension is on the socials?

Yes! I have a twitter page for the film @documension, my personal twitter feed, @cbarsi1 and the facebook page: www.facebook.com/dimensionpodcast I have the largest audience on my personal twitter @cbarsi1. I've been promoting Dimension for years and have made wonderful personal connections with fans through Twitter. I even met my PR manager in London on twitter, before he had a company and he was just a fan of me and the show. It's such a cool thing that we get to work together now! I love connecting with my fans on a personal level and I try to make myself available to them. 


Has Barsi developed techniques to build her social media audience?

Originally I just created posts that kept people afloat with what to expect from the show and made a point to connect with anyone who would interact with the posts. It takes time to make those kinds of real connections but they are long lasting and worth it. A lot of my followers are writers, so I would do interviews for their blogs and do some cross promoting for them. This is still my main angle for growing fans but I also have a PR Manager now, Daniel at WhiteScreen Promotions, and he's helping with posts and social media growth for these two projects. 

production still

Does she have any specific tips for finding new followers?

I think knowing your audience when it comes to hashtags is key. If you want to attract science fiction fans, look up which sci-fi hashtag gets the most play. (editor: Hashtagify.me is a great site for # research)


Does Barsi have customers as well as followers?

I don't make any sales right now. The podcast is available for free on iTunes or on the websites I mentioned. It's all about the art right now! 

Finally, what are Barsi’s top #3 tips for marketing creative work?

1.    I would suggest being consistent and available when interacting on social media with new and potential fans. 
2.    Being personal, sincere and engaging with individuals who are interested in what you're doing. 
3.    Researching others and seeing if you can do a trade in promotions if it makes sense. 

From there, create long-standing partnerships to cross promote, retweet and share each other's endeavors consistently. This type of dedication you can't fabricate and it has the best kind of energy surrounding it. It takes time, but all good things that are long-lasting do. My angle has always been to build real relationships with my fans and if they're also creatives there's always potential for future collaborations as well. It's very personal to me. 

I know you all wish Barsi well in her travels to the SciFi London Film Festival. To claim your perk and sendBarsi on her way take a look at her Indiegogo campaign… http://igg.me/at/IsAnyoneListening

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