Nobody pays for music anymore - marketing insights with Aloysius Scrimshaw

Aloysius Scrimshaw is an artist from Northern California. I first came across Aloysius as part of the band Yankem and the Jobbers. My interview with Aloysius was one of the craziest interviews I’ve done and, not surprisingly (seriously crazy interview), the duo has since disbanded. Aloysius is now making his own experimental music and dystopian hip-hop.

I am passionate about creating new and innovative sounds because nobody else is making the music that I want to listen to, so I create it myself. I love music that gives the listener an anxious dreamlike feeling, a temporary journey deep into musical mental instability.


Right now he is…

finishing up the debut Aloysius Scrimshaw record, to be released by Krooked Records in early spring... "Experimental expressions, apparitions and various pernicious nonsense"

Where can fans find his music?

This release and my back catalogue are best enjoyed on YouTube and can be downloaded at


Can people also connect on social media? Stupid question, I know.

Yea absolutely, I have a huge presence on social media... Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and most importantly, YouTube. My handle on most sites is @AloyScrimshaw. I don't have a rockstar mentality and frequently correspond and chat with fans on social media... so hit me up.


Which platform is the best fit for what Aloysius is doing?

Twitter by far has been the best place to connect with fans and expose others to my innovative sounds... I think most of my followers on Facebook are just spam pages from


Does he have any techniques for building a following on social media?

Nothing and everything really... becoming friends with people who are likely to be interested in your style; engaging and listening to your fans; and, most importantly, avoiding spam. People hate that shit.

Yes, definitely avoid spam. Any more specific examples?

I'll give you an example that applies to me; get a consensus from your audience on who or what your art reminds them of and then target that audience. For instance, people have said that Aloysius Scrimshaw reminds them of old Marilyn Manson so I try to interact with that fan base. Not because I like Manson’s music (I generally don't) but because those people may enjoy mine.


How about some Facebook tips?

If you're looking for a lot of likes on a Facebook post, target your ads to Brazil and India. They seem to be the most willing to engage. Avoid the US too, I rarely get a response from my Facebook ads targeting North Americans.


So, Aloysius uses advertising on FB. Has he had any success in generating sales through Facebook?

I use Facebook adds with mixed results. Ha ha... sales... nobody pays for music anymore so my only sales are for live performances. These days I view everything online as my brand but the live shows are the product.


Does Aloysius have a marketing funnel of any sort? You know, like, followers, become fans, become customers, and some finally become premium customers?

I find personal interaction with followers can turn them into fans... the most important thing is having a solid product first. The cream of the crop rises to the top.


I asked Aloysius if he has a marketing philosophy?

Share and share alike, I suppose... And network!  


His top three marketing tips are…

1. Listen to your customers, they'll tell you what they want.

2. A good product is better than a good ad campaign.

3. Help out your fellow artists and network.         

To connect with Aloysius join him on Facebook.

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And, as always, keep on creating!