We pour our heart and soul into this music

Artist profile: Siblings Of Us

Siblings of Us are a Bristol based Alternative SynthWave band. What does having a band brand mean to them?

We have been Siblings Of Us for the last year now. We wanted to brand ourselves uniquely with our genre, our graphics and the quality of our recordings.


Their latest release is…

Our debut E.P 'Fear me / Love me' is a self produced E.P which represents the best of what we have done so far. Doing everything ourselves while both having full time jobs I think you can tell we pour heart and soul into this music. Platforms will include Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, Spotify and Sound Cloud.

Like any band that takes themselves seriously, Siblings of Us use social media to get their stuff out there.

We do. Facebook is our main tool. We don't tend to like Twitter that much purely because we don't feel it reaches the right audience. We are going to be setting up maybe an Instagram page, but for now Facebook and YouTube has done us very proud.

Does that mean Siblings of Us has ‘gone viral’ around the world?

Bristol is where we thrive, but we have a lot of followers in Swindon, Cardiff, and Canada. This is only partly down to social media, meeting our fanbase face-to-face has definitely proved the personal touch can get a band further in their career. In a year through Facebook alone we are 350 genuine likes strong. We have had our debut music video for Sylvia's Voyage' viewed over 2.5k times and that's great for us. In this genre fans are hard to find but when we go to a show and get chatting to people we find they usually become fans.


What are Siblings of Us doing to generate some income for the band?

We sell our merch at shows, we also sell our merchandise on Bandcamp, although we have been told the cool kids aren't using Bandcamp anymore, so we will be amping up our own website for all sales. We may even brand our own beer since we are both Bar Managers. We haven't really concentrated on physical sales as right now its getting the word out there and giving away music more than anything. Will be looking to push sales in the coming year for sure.


I asked if they have any techniques for turning followers into customers.

Sales for us right now seems pointless. We are a very new band; we have enough on our plates selling ourselves and our brand of music. We have ideas for new merch that we believe are very universal and include very accessible designs. We think new bands who try to constantly push their new t-shirts or key chains have missed the point on who they’re trying to reach. At the same time, it feels great to know somebody is buying because it’s stuff based on a band you created, but our priorities lie mainly with getting our audience in on the music. Hopefully, they will be touched so much they will be asking for the t-shirts.

What sort of philosophy underpins their marketing decisions?

Make it all about the music; have some self-respect and don't let your ego take over. Sell yourselves as if you sell yourself rather than your merch. You’re gaining a fan that will most likely want to purchase from you in the future. Flogging that for one sale at a time will only get you so far.


To wrap it up what are Siblings Are Us’ top three tips for other creatives marketing their work?

  1. Be personal. Word of mouth can be just as, if not more, effective than a paid Facebook post. Better it reaches the right person than some randomer in Sandy Balls, Wiltshire.
  2. Do not over post. Likes mean a lot to promoters which sucks but that's the way it is. A lot of people say you should be constantly posting when you are a new band. Trust us when we say keep the post minimal and relevant, otherwise, you'll find what little following you have will slowly start to drop.
  3. Have fun. What's the point if you’re not enjoying yourself, right? Plus that bad joo joo rubs off potential fans and followers. Even if you feel all is lost, reaching out to fans for guidance does benefit your page, though don't be desperate about it.

To connect with Siblings Of Us, hit their Facebook page.

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