Consistency, consistency, consistency!

Musician profile: Signal

English hip hop artist Signal has just released his new single and he can’t contain himself.

My new single 'Down' featuring Eclipse is definitely my best material to date. It will no doubt get you up on your feet dancing! It's available to download and stream on all digital platforms and the video is on my SignalOfficialVevo account.


To spread the word he is all over this social media thing.

Social Media is key in today's world. I am heavily active :)


Signal has the most followers on…

Facebook. In terms of the most engagement, likes, shares. I love using the Facebook community and Facebook have made it so easy to share projects now through marketing campaigns. I do my best to upload a video to my page at least once a month to keep the momentum going and to reach a larger audience, which will in turn divert traffic back to my page.

From his social channels, Signal can direct his followers to find his music on iTunes.

I basically use Ditto Music to distribute my music to all the digital platforms. I released an EP earlier this year which did pretty well on iTunes. Streaming is great, but the earnings are terrible per stream as opposed to iTunes sales.


Marketing is all about relationship. To help keep his most die-hard fans engaged and introduce new fans to his work Signal loves to make them feel special.

A technique I tend to use to new followers or fans that show the most engagement is sending them exclusives, unheard tracks.


One of the cornerstones of a successful marketing strategy is…

Consistency. I make sure that my social media is updated regularly, new videos, music, shares, giveaways.

Signal doesn’t just rely on organic growth to promote his music. He also uses paid advertising such as…

Facebook campaigns and Youtube Ads. Both platforms are fantastic for reaching out to people.


A few closing remarks from Signal to other creatives who are building a business are…

If you are a musician, make sure you are 100% happy with the work you are putting out there. Be prepared to make sacrifices. Invest in yourself. You get out what you put in.

To find out more about Signal and his work hit his website at

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