To sell books, people need to know about your book!

Ms. Kashinda T. Marche is an author and talent manager. At the moment she is…

I am a creative writer of fiction pieces. I’m promoting my first book titled, The Triumph In Me. Book two is in development. I also promote an actress by the name of Asia E. Marche. (That’s right, she happens to be my daughter!) We are developing a short film project inspired by the 1st book.


What are Kashinda’s primary ways to promote her work?

I have created book trailers for my book, memes and I’m in the process of building a blog. I promote primarily on, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I asked Kashinda where she has her largest audience?

I am currently still trying to reach a larger audience. I am finding it to be quite challenging given the fact I haven’t yet gained a strong presence on social media.


A strong social media presence is definitely important to distribute indie work online. Has The Triumph in Me gathered momentum and sales yet?

Sales? What are those? LOL. But on a serious note, I am still reaching for my goal of selling 1000 copies. Unfortunately, sales aren’t as easy to come by when you are a newbie. I think people may find it risky spending their money on someone they aren't sure will deliver the results they seek. I have been trying different ways creatively, of course, to show consistency in promoting my book.


It’s refreshing to hear that other people find marketing and promotion difficult too. Setting goals is a great habit to get into and striving for consistency is crucial for hitting those goals. What sort of things has Kashinda done to reach her goals?

I have a small blog that I use to connect to people. I send out tweets using various hashtags. I’ve created book trailers and basically done whatever I could other than outright beg people to buy my book. 


What’s wrong with begging ;)

I’d rather show people that I have something to say that’s worth listening to. I hope to help others like me and, in turn, that may intrigue them enough to want to support the book.


It’s a solid strategy – real connections with people and offering value before asking for anything.

I feel if you can get your brand, product or name out there by any means it is the first step. People may be prone to pay attention to something they see a lot of.


What is Kashinda’s number one tip for hitting that goal?!

My #1 tip would be to research every aspect of your intended goal. Google is an awesome free tool. Then of course there is #2, connecting with people via social media. Another great free tool! And #3 which takes a little more effort - create, create and keep creating.


What should we create?

All things possible relevant to your overall message.

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