Don't be a creep - perfecting an imperfect social media presence.

Artist profile: Fighter Jets

Look out, it’s Fighter Jets, your favorite electro grunge band/couch surfers on the West Coast.

Yeah, we just spent all of 2016 crashing on our friends' couches in Los Angeles working on our debut EP: 'So Give Up Everything You Know', coming out mid-2017. We’ve started pushing two singles from it, 'Teenage Dropout' and '4am' available everywhere. Early 2017 is gonna be full of music video treatments for '4am' and more shows!

Fighter Jets started with Shy & James eighteen years ago.

We began playing together after middle school & high school to cover bands like Queen, Soundgarden, T.Rex, Metallica, Nirvana, Depeche Mode, Pennywise, Led Zeppelin, and Van Halen – all while playing “shows” for a few friends from school who would hang around until Shy's neighbors would call the cops to complain about the noise. 


Since then their friend Candice has joined them. Playing small, dirty clubs beginning in late-2014, the band used to be called “Throwing Fake Flowers”, but one time a show promoter ran out of space on the poster and put them on the bill as just “Fake”.

After that, we knew it was time to have a new identity.


The idealism of running away as a teenager, and staying up all night to change the world, pushes through Fighter Jets’ new music like a loud suffragette jet.

We were just bored kids who were made fun of growing up during the Bush era. We always joked about our favorite rock stars growing up but we never really wanted to be in a band; we just somehow ended up releasing records and playing shows together over the years.

I asked them if they’re on social media.

Yeah because we have to. Or else we would be reclusive. FB: and Twitter @FGHTRJTS. The good thing about Facebook is that it helps us connect us to fans that have discovered our music on the Internet to communicate with us. We hope to meet some of those fans in 2017 at our shows — let's get some burritos. 


And where do they attract the most sales?

It may not be politically correct to state this, but Spotify.


If you’ve read their bio you know that Fighter Jets pride themselves on being the antiheroes of alt rock.

Our marketing philosophy is a mixture of eggo waffles and not having thousandths of dollars to have the perfect image.


No one believes the hype anyway. The perfect image is overrated. Do Fighter Jets use any tools to keep up with their imperfect image?

We do it all ourselves and always try to have content to put up, whether official or just hanging out. We like posting memes too. We like to stay engaged with our fans on social media.


Fighter Jets have three simple rules for using social media…

Have actual vision, don't be a creep, and don't take life so seriously. Seriously.

To find out if Fighter Jets walk the talk take a look at their accounts. | | @FGHTRJTS on Twitter | Fighter Jets on iTunes: | Fighter Jets on Spotify: 

Photos are by Kimia, 2016-2017