New Screenwriting Competition

Follow Magazine is excited to be partnering with Big Screen Collective to promote a new opportunity for Australian screenwriters. 

Many of you would know that I have a background in filmmaking generally and especially screenwriting. I love that process of creating something from nothing, of imagining characters and stories and then setting those creations free to see where they will take me. 

Big Screenplay Competition

Big Screen Collective is a new Australian production company. This is what they say about themselves... 

"Big Screen Collective - bringing together people interested in participating in Australian film. Big Screen Collective has developed an alternative model in film production and distribution in Australia."

The Big Screenplay Competition is both a chance for you to pitch your writing and a way for Big Screen Collective to discover new screen stories. 

First prize is $1500!

Shortlisted entrants will be invited to enter the second round of judging and will receive coverage on their screenplay from an industry professional who has read over 3000 feature film scripts in their work as a script assessor and developer.

For more details on how to enter click on through.

And good luck!