Artist interview: indie author Jonathan Posner - engaging, entertaining, informative

Jonathan Posner is a writer working in the area of historically-based fiction. He’s based near London in United Kingdom.

Yes, I mainly work in historically-based fiction, although I have also written book and lyrics for three Musicals and have scripted a couple of plays.


What is your latest piece?

'The Witchfinder's Well', has been published on Amazon KDP and as a paperback. It combines two themes I am fascinated with - time-travel and the Tudors.


Can you share with us your process for this book?

I originally wrote the story as a full-length Musical called 'Spirit of History', exploring what would happen if a modern-day person was suddenly time-travelled back to Tudor England. A few years ago, I re-read the libretto, I could see that the story was very strong. So I decided to breathe new life into it by turning it into a novel.

I soon discovered that the plot of a Musical is very different to a novel - a Musical is more forgiving if there are 'holes' in the plot; you can always cover them over with a song! Not so with a novel - which meant that the resulting story of 'The Witchfinder's Well' is more rounded, more complete, with a stronger story arc and ending than 'Spirit of History'. It also introduced additional characters; ones that I wanted to explore further than just in the one novel, so I am now working on the sequel - titled 'The Alchemist's Arms' which picks up the story 10 years later.

Jonathan Posner independent author.


What is The Witchfinder’s Well about?

It's the story of a modern girl called Justine, who gets caught in an electrical storm and finds herself transported back to 1565. Seen as different, she is soon being hunted by the local witchfinder, and has to use all her courage, resourcefulness and ingenuity to keep one step ahead. Along the way she meets a colourful cast of Tudor characters, falls in love with the local squire, and not only has to battle to save her own life, but she has to save his as well.


Where can people find the book?

For more info on the book, and on the sequel, please go to

To see the book on Amazon, please go to:


Why do you work in historically-based fiction? What is it about that genre that energizes you?

I strongly believe that history is highly relevant today - if we are not to repeat yesterday's mistakes, we need to learn about them. Too often people forget or ignore history, and we're doomed to seeing history repeat itself.

So my work is all about bringing history to life - in a way that is engaging, entertaining, informative - but most of all, in a way that is in tune with the modern world.

The Witchfinder's Well cover


Do you promote your work on social media? What platforms are you on?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads and Youtube. My biggest community is on Twitter, where I have 1500+ followers


What sort of content do you post on social media?

I mostly like to comment on social issues, as well as tweeting about my book in what I hope is an amusing and engaging way.

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How do you think other authors can best build an audience on the socials?

I still have so much to learn myself…

Find groups or communities that are interested in the same things you are, and that relate to your work (in my case, writing). Input content that demonstrates your expertise and your passion. Help and educate them.

Make sure that if they follow you up, there is a link that takes them to your site / store / mailing list.

This sounds great in theory - I just need to put it into practice more...

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Where do you make the most sales?

Facebook is probably the best channel, especially if I post content in groups that have an interest aligned to my book.


Do you have any techniques to convert followers into customers?

No - I recognise I need to be more structured.


If you had to reduce your thoughts on marketing and social media to one sentence, what would it be?

Delivering content and added value brings sales rewards.

Jonathan is currently working on his next book, The Alchemist’s Arms. For more information on his work click through to his website.