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Artist profile: Musician and writer LUPER DUPREE

LUPER DUPREE is recording artist Troy Amidon from Los Angeles, California. This is a new venture for Troy and he’s going from strength to strength.

Check out the new tracks "Boom", "Take Me There" and "Ice Chip Candy" that I just released a few weeks ago from the album "LD in LA". The album is also a soundtrack for my recently completed novel, "Luper Dupree: Love My Crohn's Disease".

What inspired Troy to write the novel?

I was diagnosed with the incurable sickness of Crohn's Disease as an adolescent and have endured 3 resections of my intestines and countless hospital stays. Really, I’m fortunate to still be alive.


Despite all that Troy has been through he aims to stay positive and tries to inspire and elate through the power of his music and words. Where can listeners find his tunes?

They are currently getting picked up for radio play, in the UK in particular, on several radio stations and radio shows around the globe. The songs are also on Soundcloud and Reverbnation. LUPER DUPREE is featured on the Deuce Radio Show created by Rob Saunders and hosted by Matt Barker out of London.


What can you expect when you click through to LUPER DUPREE?

It's a blend of indie alternative psychedelic rock with a sprinkle of EDM and so far music directors are really digging the new sounds of LUPER DUPREE!


Before launching LUPER DUPREE, Troy was touring the USA extensively with his prior group while making albums and operating his own record label. To build a fan base he has been working on the principle of offering something for free first.

I have not made my music available for sale just yet, but probably will soon. I wanted to wait a little bit before doing so as I wanted to generate some buzz first by just letting interested fans listen for free on Soundcloud.


Troy’s philosophy that backs up his marketing strategy is…

if the music is good enough, people will recognize that fact, and eventually, pay for your music. The trick is exposing potential fans to your music. You have to send out your tracks to multiple services and post your music on multiple platforms with the hope of gaining more exposure. You have to do some guerrilla marketing as well.


For guerrilla marketing, Troy works the socials. His biggest audience is on Twitter @luperdupree

I just released LUPER DUPREE music only a few months ago and have received a good amount of attention, followers, and a lot of radio play thus far. I did also just recently create a Facebook music page.

In all his interactions with fans and followers, Troy likes to maintain the personal touch.

Marketing is time-consuming for sure. I need help, lol! I do try to write personal emails, though, no auto-replies. You have to be real or people will see through fakeness. I don't try to over post messages. You don't want to turn people off either, so it's a fine line. Try to post pertinent content, and keep changing things up. You want to keep followers interested in what you're doing.


Troy’s top #3 tips for getting your work out there are –

1.    make sure your product is polished, good artwork and photography! Video is a plus, I need a filmmaker to make me some videos, lol! Seriously, that is important and it's the next step for my LUPER DUPREE music project.

2.    send your music or art to as many sources you can that will enhance or benefit you, and hopefully, people will find and follow you.

3.    don't be afraid of rejection! Art and music like so many other things are purely subjective. What floats your boat might not turn someone else on, and not everyone is going to be a fan, so don't take it personally. Pure artists make their art just for the sake of doing it and because they feel compelled to do so. Making money can't be the first or ultimate goal, but if you can make some cash with your art then you're one of the lucky few and you'll have it made.

To find out more about LUPER DUPREE and Troy Amidon visit the links throughout the article or hit his website. http://www.luperdupree.com

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