Artist interview: Diana Whiley leverages award exposure to secure gallery exhibition

Diana Whiley is an artist who exhibits work online and IRL.

I’ve been creating digital art for three to four years now and enjoy the challenge it presents. I like to push boundaries and experiment with mood and style.


She also writes poetry and fantasy.

I love graphic novels, Neil Gaiman my greatest inspiration. I am returning to sketching and having fun with illustration as I work on what tale I’ll tell. I might do my version of Scheherazade from the Arabian nights. I love that tale with its sensuality and guile.


Most creative people produce work with the hope that someone else will see or hear that work. To connect with an audience you need to get your work out of your studio. Diana is using online competitions to create exposure for her visual art.

I like to enter on-line competitions and call out to artists. I’ve had much success and was even asked to be a judge for the latest Exhibitions Without Walls latest competition.

Exuberance by Diana Whiley


An invitation to judge a competition is a great endorsement. That capacity to find support and encouragement from other creative is one of the things that social media is good for. What other opportunities have online competitions provided for Diana?

My greatest thrill came after entering the American Art Awards this year. I caught the interest of one of the judging galleries. They offered me representation and I now have six artworks being exhibited from December through to January 2017 at Art Fusion Galleries Miami USA. My persistence and hard work had paid off. That offer has given me more confidence and I am now organizing an exhibition here in Adelaide for May next year with a few other artists.


Diana is based in Australia and there are significant logistics to grapple with to mount an exhibition on the other side of the world.

I was wary of sending my art overseas but this Gallery had a very good reputation. It also helped that they were able to do the framing over there for me.


To help promote her work, Diana connects with her community on the socials.

I am active on Twitter and trying to write more on my blog at Wordpress as well as images on Instagram. On Twitter, I have followers who like the artwork I put up and who share my interests - art of course and fantasy writers and publishers.


There are many outlets to list your artwork for sale online. Where does Diana sell her work?

I have various outlets where my art is for sale like the site Curioos, Art of Brands, Nabaroo. My art can be purchased through my website also.


Wherever Diana connects with her followers she has a philosophy that guides her interaction.

I'd like to think customers are people who enjoy art as much as I do.


To spread the word about your art, Diana offers these three tips.

       You have to get noticed and be persistent! Enter as many competitions as you can. Look at who wins and why.

       Research and find a niche that fits your style be it magazines, websites. The latter has many tips and useful tools eg Artsy Shark

       Make use of local events and art fairs 

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