Music review: Red Words - Rock and roll to live by

From the opening guitar lick to the closing cymbal, Red Words remain joyfully on-message in this upbeat, rollicking debut album.

Red Words is a contemporary Christian rock band based in New York. The name, Red Words, refers to the words in the bible attributed to Jesus that are traditionally printed in red. It is appropriate, then, that the production of this album privileges the vocal tracks and the lyrics. Accordingly, the tracks are clean and easy to listen to.

The album can be found on Soundcloud and more info is on their website. Red Words mash a number of genres together to create a cohesive album of celebration and faith. From gospel to RnB to rock, Red Words pull out all the stops to take you on a journey into their world. 

Notable tracks from the album are Inside the Dark and Simple Love

Inside the Dark has a complex structure and a catchy melody. Elements of it remind me of my favorite band when I was a teenager – the Clowns of Decadence. Inside the Dark is quirky, reminiscent of a traveling carnival. 

By contrast, the intro to Simple Love is gentle and reassuring. Then the percussion kicks in and drives the song through to a solid conclusion. The lyrics speak of the simple love of God and the different ways that is expressed in the singer’s life. 

Tracks like God IS, In This House and Glory of Heaven offer a strong and uncomplicated vision of God that will reverberate equally comfortably in a mega-church or local outreach coffee shop. The album is self-assured and relaxed.

If contemporary Christian rock is your thing, find out more about Red Words on their website.

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