Freckles: Short film review


a film by Denise Papas Meechan

The obvious confidence of Denise Papas Meechan, as the filmmaker of Freckles, provides the perfect juxtaposition to the obsessive self-loathing of the protagonist of this accomplished short film.

The gentle movement of the camera and the fluidity of the morning light in the opening scene beckon the viewer into Lizzie’s world. The camera lingers on Lizzie’s waking moments. It’s an intimate portrait of a beautiful woman yet as the film unfolds we realise that this world is out of kilter.

We are invited into Lizzie’s dark, hellish reality of body dysmorphia. As her internal monologue interprets the people and events around her through the warped lens of a damaged psyche we can only dread where this will all end up.

After a painful attempt to take action by claiming her own sexuality she is more frustrated than ever.

The inevitable climax of Lizzie’s self-loathing is beautifully plotted and filmed and the tragic closing scene will remain as a frozen image long after the credits roll.

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