Runaways by Blue Helix: Music review

Blue Helix releases power rock single Runaways

This is a new review genre for me. I listen to plenty of music but I don't often review it. Having said that, I know what I like and I'm not afraid to say it.

Blue Helix are an alternative rock band based out of Washington State and formed in 2008. Runaways is a new single released earlier this year.

Runaways took me to another place. The blistering guitar and take-no-prisoners vocals transported me straight to the mosh pit. 

Overtones of Metallica's Enter Sandman kept leaping out at me. The production is clean and crisp but powerful. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the hook that would pull me back to it again and again but it might do something different for you. The guitar break in the middle lifts the song to another level and displays the band's virtuosity.

Blue Helix, obviously, know what they're doing and have released a thumping single that is accomplished and well-rounded.