Has your art disappeared into the blackhole?

There are reportedly three hundred hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single minute. That is whole lot of cat videos to contend with. 

This infographic first appeared in Issue 01 of Follow Magazine. It's inspired by Alex Ferrari's interview and his efforts at growing his email list. The figures are indicative only.  It neatly summarises one approach you can take to build your audience rather than throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks. Not that your creative work is mud. 

If you're not a filmmaker, insert your own medium here...


The idea is you release a sample of your work - whatever your work is. You then provide the complete version once people sign up for your email list.

Yes, fewer people will see your work because that extra click and disclosure of personal information will scare off many people; but...

As you build your email list you can build that relationship with your audience. They can get to know more of your work and you can get to know what they are interested in. There will be some people who adore you and your work who will buy everything that you release. Then there will be other people on your list who take a more casual approach and drop into your art practice (virtually) every now and then to see what's going on.

You will learn how to cater to each of those audience segments as you take the time to get to know them. Here's the second part of the infographic. This is what you can do with an email list...

What do you think? Could the teaser and email list work for your arts practice?

Let me know in the comments. Self-promotion is totally acceptable and encouraged. If you have an example of your preview or teaser drop the link here.

Powering on

Nathan March