Interview with Andy Van Scoyoc

Andy Van Scoyoc is an uber-creative working across:

film, writing, visual art, music.

After a celebrated career in writing horror stories and poetry, most recently, she’s been collaborating in the world of film because…

the fabulous Dee McCullay of Thunderstryker Films, in Canada, picked up my short story, Border Patrol for film adaptation. The trailer is pinned on my Twitter page @BohemianCelt

Border Patrol was released…

Thanksgiving day, 11/24/16. It’s been submitted to film Fests and the excitement that fans have shown just amazes Dee and me.

As well as writing horror stories and poetry she’s also a film festival director, DJ, and voice-over artist. To bring all this together Andy promotes her work across social media.

Absolutely! I'm very active on Twitter. That is where I do most of my work.

I also have a horror movie review show on YouTube called, From Zen to Zombies. It's a lot of fun and my crazy Boston Terrier, Boodya, is my co-host.

From Zen to Zombies is clearly a genre web show…

I review all kinds of short Horror films. Come join Boodya and me at-

From Zen to Zombies:

Andy is super active on both Twitter and YouTube and it’s paid off with a loyal following on those two platforms.

I'm fortunate that I have loyal Fiends (my loving nickname for my fans) who visit me equally on Twitter and YouTube! On Twitter I'm @BohemianCelt and in addition to my Internet show, I also have my own film studios...Cafe Noir Production Studio. Cafe Noir Production Studio:

For Andy, it’s not about anything as prosaic as money changing hands…

Sales aren't really an issue most of my work is on YouTube. I'd sure love to get hundreds of hits a day on my show and studio channels! That's as good as sales!

Most artists have a marketing philosophy, whether they are aware of it or not!

My marketing philosophy? Appreciate your followers and fans. THEY and they alone will make or break you.

I'm all about my, as naive and simple as it might be, I just hope they share and spread like the plague, all my projects.

Don't ignore your fans. Reward their loyalty. Shout out to them...make them feel as if they matter.

To keep on top of her social media presence Andy uses…

Commun.It to make some auto posts for me. That helps a lot.

I asked Andy for her top #3 tips for creative people learning to market their work…

There's no such thing as too little promotion.

There's no such thing as, "this site isn't important or big enough for me to share my work on."

I'm a retired, best-selling Horror author and started out the hard way, back when you really had to hustle to market yourself. There was little help available. I sent some poetry to a small (less than 50 followers) website, figuring any exposure for a newbie (at the time) like me, was better than nothing. I'm not sure who visited that site...but within a week, I had hundreds of visits to my own website, which catapulted me in popularity and lead to much bigger and better venues, opportunities and serious exposure. never know who might see your work, share it and open the floodgates for you.

You can find out more about Andy Van Scoyoc by stalking her on Twitter, YouTube or on blogspot.

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