Our Values

1.     In the service of independent creatives. Everything Follow Magazine does is done for artists.

2.     Independent creatives. An independent creative is someone who creates something artistic and distributes that work directly to an audience.

3.     Written by creatives for creatives.  Were interested in real, on-the-ground experience; interviews with creatives are the cornerstone of our content.

4.     Value. Your work deserves to be seen. Our job is done when you have found your audience. Tell us what you want to know more about and we will continue to give you bang for your buck.

5.     Tools. The tools that we focus on are specifically about finding, building and engaging with an audience.

6.     Social media. Follow Magazine believes that today the single biggest factor enabling creatives to find an audience is social media.

7.     Jargon. Every industry has its own language and culture; you're artists, we're artists. We use the lexicon of artists.

8.     Business. We believe that if you are serious about getting your art out of your studio you need to think of your art practice as an art business. We provide tools and advice to support your art business.

9.     Numbers. We bring you the digits, but we always remember that we are talking about real individuals and meaningful creative endeavours.

10.  Advertising. When curating advertising we privilege products and services that support your art business.

11.   Audience engagement. As well as helping you find and connect with your audience, we want to connect with you, our audience. Do drop us a line.