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Your creative work makes this world a better place. Whether you're a filmmaker, a visual artist, a writer, or a musician, thank you for sharing your creativity with the world.

You want to spend your time making. Follow Magazine gives you techniques and tools to efficiently get your work in front of the audience that will love it, giving you more time to do what you love.

An artist cannot fail. It is a success to be one.
— Charles Horton Cooley

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Hear it straight from the creatives you love. Interviews about marketing for artists with filmmakers, writers, musicians, and visual artists. You'll also find reviews, tutorials, and creative business hacks.

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You want to build your audience right? That's what we do here. Discover the range of Follow resources: books and downloads. Right here is everything you need to supercharge your marketing! 

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You're ready to take your creative business to the next level. These are the tools and consultation packages you need to refine your message and connect with the audience that will love your work. You can build a successful, creative career.

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Get your photos off your memory card and in front of the audience that wants to love them.

Get your photos off your memory card and in front of the audience that wants to love them.


What people are saying

This magazine is a must have for creative-people. Congrats and thanks to the developers.
— app4web4k85 - App Store review
Features engaging and interesting articles from the world of the arts! 5 star!
— Dee McCullay - Facebook review
As a young filmmaker this magazine is a huge breath of fresh air compared to most magazines I see or even competing websites. So many inspiring and thoughtful articles!
— aeros320 - App Store review
A great way to see how artists are successfully creating new methods of discovery.
— Boberto1983 - App Store review

Why Do I do this?

I'm Nathan March, the founder of Follow Magazine. Welcome!

I'm a publisher, digital consultant, and an award-winning, independent filmmaker operating in the vibrant indie film scene in Adelaide, Australia.

I know as well as anyone how difficult it can be to build a sustainable career as an independent art creator and I believe that creative work is made to be seen. 

Follow Magazine grew out of my search for knowledge about how to build an audience online. I realised that this was a problem facing every independent creative: how do I build and grow an audience for my work online? This magazine is my channel for distributing the wisdom of those in the know: artists who have navigated the waters of online creative promotion and have achieved success.

You can find an audience for your work. Follow Magazine can show you how.


Our Values

1.     In the service of independent creatives. Everything Follow Magazine does is done for artists.

2.     Independent creatives. An independent creative is someone who creates something artistic and distributes that work directly to an audience.

3.     Written by creatives for creatives.  We’re interested in real, on-the-ground experience; interviews with creatives are the cornerstone of our content.

4.     Value. Your work deserves to be seen. Our job is done when you have found your audience. Tell us what you want to know more about and we will continue to give you bang for your buck.

5.     Tools. The tools that we focus on are specifically about finding, building and engaging with an audience.

6.     Social media. Follow Magazine believes that today the single biggest factor enabling creatives to find an audience is social media.

7.     Jargon. Every industry has its own language and culture; you're artists, we're artists. We use the lexicon of artists.

8.     Business. We believe that if you are serious about getting your art out of your studio you need to think of your art practice as an art business. We provide tools and advice to support your art business.

9.     Numbers. We bring you the digits, but we always remember that we are talking about real individuals and meaningful creative endeavours.

10.  Advertising. When curating advertising we privilege products and services that support your art business.

11.   Audience engagement. As well as helping you find and connect with your audience, we want to connect with you, our audience. Do drop us a line.